Reflections on “Trench”

About 9 months after my initial Tweet saying “trench still sounds cooler than riddim tbh”, and my blog article detailing my suggestion for a potential name change, I wanted to take another look at the topic and reflect on the state of “Trench” as a name for the sub-genre.

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Why Trench?

For the last decade, we’ve been casually referring to the more minimalistic and flow-focused side of dubstep as “Riddim”. However, many artists and fans have not been happy with this name and its increasingly loose definition and usage. Let’s take a look at the reasons, and how the name “Trench” can serve as a solution.

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10 Years of INFEKT!

It’s been 10 years since I started making music, and to celebrate I wrote an article with a photo gallery that shows some of the highlights from the last few years as well as some fan pictures!

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Masterclass Launch!

My course begins today, so starting now new content will be added every week!

I recommend not to skip the preparation classes if you haven’t read them yet, because there are some important bits about how to work with the class in general. If you have any questions about the course, comment below. For questions about a specific class, there’s a form at the bottom of each page, don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you so much for the support, I’m really excited about this project.

You can read more about the course here:

To sign up, click this link and select the course student tier:

Instagram Q&A

I recently asked you guys to ask me some questions on my Instagram story for a livestream. There were so many interesting questions, that I decided to sort them into categories and answer them here on my blog. Feel free to ask additional questions in the comments of the articles!

Anything related to lifestyle, food, music I listen to in my free time and just in general my life outside of music production.

Music Production
Questions and answers specifically about technical aspects of music production.

Shows, Videos etc.
About being a DJ, tutoring / classes, Youtube videos and more.

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