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Past livestreams will be listed here. Each page has a comment form at the bottom, where you can ask questions if you have any!

Music Production (Topical)

Plugins & Racks

Project Breakdown


  • Orgalorg 2021, NFK-137, Kaizen, Introspection, Torrent (Stream #27)


Sound Design


  • Dynamics 101: Compression, Limiting, Clipping, Multiband (Stream #101)

Building a Track


For a guide and tips on how to make a remix, see “Project 6” in the Masterclass Projects section below, where I made a remix using our own stems from a previous project.

DAW Updates



  • General Production Q&A: Build-ups, Clap Reverb, Vital Reese Bass Tips & more (Stream #28)

DJ Mixing

  • Rekordbox Library, Set Breakdown, Performance Breakdown (Stream #29)

Sample Pack Series

Making of a sample pack in a series of streams. The pack will be available to download when it’s finished!

  1. Making Basses from Strings, Drums: Kick, Hi-hat, Clap (Stream #31)
  2. Vocals, Risers, Thor Bass Sound Design, Variations (Stream #32)
  3. Vital Basses & Processing, More Drums (Stream #33)
  4. FX Sounds with Malström (Stream #34)
  5. Malström Oldschool Basses, Processing, NI Form (Stream #35)
  6. NI Form Basses, Bass Flows, Post Processing (Stream #36)
  7. Risers, Fallers, Processing (Stream #39)
  8. Kicks, Claps, Cymbals (Stream #41)
  9. Cymbal Variations, Subs, Vocals (Stream #45)

Here are the two streams where I organized, named and processed all the samples: Part 1, Part 2

Sample Pack Tune

With the sample pack finished, I also made an entire track on stream using only samples from the pack:

  1. Drums, Bass Sound Design (Stream #47)
  2. Sound Design, Fills, Switches (Stream #48)
  3. Organizing, Structure, Mixdown (Stream #49)
  4. Intro, Vocal Samples (Stream #50)
  5. Intro Details, Second Bassline (Stream #51)
  6. Final Details, Final Mixdown, Mastering (Stream #52)

You can listen to and download the full track here.

Masterclass Projects

Project 8: Awooga Tune (Sound Design Series)

Five sessions focused on sound design using various techniques, then making a full tune with as many of the sounds as possible.

Sound Design:
  1. Turning Samples Into Basses, Flow Inspiration, Processing (Stream #85)
  2. “Current” synthesizer, Granular Sustain Bass, Filtered Bass (Stream #86)
  3. “Current” Synthesizer LFO Curves, Effects, Filters, Granular Voice Processing (Stream #87)
  4. “Current” Synthesizer Overview, Spectral Modes, Generating Flows (Stream #88)
  5. Vital Bass, Post Processing, Resampling (Stream #89)

You can download the rendered basses here.

Full Track:
  1. Exporting Sounds, Making Drums, Arranging Basses, Processing (Stream #90)
  2. Mixdown & Flow Refinements, FX Details, Initial Mastering (Stream #91)
  3. More Mixdown & Detail Refinements, Switch, Adding Granular Bass (Stream #92)
  4. Intro Experimentation, Recognizability, Pre-Drop Vocal (Stream #93)
  5. Details & Final Touches, Mixdown, Mastering (Stream #95)

Project 7: Reason Tune (Reason 12)

Making an entire tune in Reason 12, using all the usual techniques, and mostly Reason native plugins!

  1. Bass Sound Design, Bass Flow, Drums (Stream #81)
  2. Switch Variations, Mixdown, FX Details (Stream #82)
  3. More Variations, Details, Intro (Stream #83)
  4. Finalizing Intro, Switches, Mixdown & Mastering (Stream #84)

Project 6: Spinach Attack VIP

Two-part series where I make a VIP of our FL Studio tune with the stems I rendered at the end of the process.

  1. Importing Stems, Organizing, Sound Design (Stream #73)
  2. Mixdown, Mastering, Final Details (Stream #74)

Project 5: Spinach Attack (FL Studio)

In this series I’m making an entire tune with FL Studio, and diving deeper into some of its intricacies.

  1. Basic Drums, Vital Sound Design, Harmor (Stream #62)
  2. Fruity Granulizer, Automation, Patcher, Variations (Stream #63)
  3. Patcher Tricks, Fruity Granulizer, Harmor (Stream #64)
  4. More Granulizer, Variations, Modulation Tricks (Stream #65)
  5. Mixdown Adjustments, Switch + FX Details (Stream #66)
  6. Intro: Arp Melody, FX, Drums, Rising FX (Stream #67)
  7. Intro: Risers, Filters, Automations (Stream #68)
  8. Drum Changes, Sound Design Improvements (Stream #69)
  9. Mixdown Details, Second Bassline (Stream #70)
  10. Final Mix & Master, Referencing, Rendering (Stream #71)

Project 4: Schattenkönig

This is a deep dubstep track I made entirely on stream. On this project I used my Ableton Push 2 to find melodies and drum grooves.

  1. Ableton Push 2, Microtuner, Capturing Ideas (Stream #56)
  2. Mixdown & Melody Refinement, Layers & Switches (Stream #57)
  3. Additional Details & Layers, More Ideas, Variation (Stream #59)
  4. Intro, Polishing, Mastering (Stream #60)

You can listen to and download the full track here.

Project 3: Sample Pack Tune

See Sample Pack Tune

Project 2: Saltu

This is another project I started from scratch on stream. Since we already did a series where I explained every step of a complex project in detail (See “Project 1” below), this one is more efficient and with less explaining (unless asked in chat).

  1. Starting the Track, Sound Design, Drums, FX layers (Stream #22)
  2. Variation, Custom FX Sounds, More Sound Design (Stream #23)
  3. Bassline Details, Variation, Intro & Theme (Stream #24)
  4. Mixdown, FX & Intro Details, Second Bassline (Stream #25)
  5. Final Touches, Mastering, Track Title (Stream #26)

You can listen to and download the full track here.

Project 1: Veggie Gang

In this series I created an entire track from start to finish over the course of 11 Livestreams. I did not do any work on the track off-stream, so you will be able to follow every step I took.

You can listen to and download the full track here.

  1. Granular synths, Post processing & Audio stretching (Stream #4)
  2. Vital Sound Design, Parallel Processing, Effects (Stream #5)
  3. FX Layers, Making bass sounds more compatible, Experimenting with Stretching (Stream #7)
  4. Bass layering, Finding FX on Splice, FX layering, Bass fills, Subtractor (Stream #8)
  5. Adding a Clap, Stereo Width, Adding a small switch (Stream #9)
  6. Gain Staging Method, Sustain Bass Sound Design (Stream #10)
  7. Reverbs for Stereo Width, Improving Sustain Bass, Adding a Switch (Stream #11)
  8. Working With Clipper, Adding Details, Starting to Make an Intro (Stream #12)
  9. Picking Samples, Fleshing out Intro, Pre-Drop Sample (Stream #13)
  10. Creating a Switch, Utilizing Audio Stretching and Creative Effects (Stream #14)
  11. Details, Second Drop/Bassline (Stream #17)
  12. Finishing Masterclass Project, Final Details, Mastering (Stream #19)

You can listen to and download the full track here.