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6 replies on “Performance Part 1”

I’m pretty comfortable on CDJs and still learned some new tricks from this, so definitely helpful for beginners and experienced folks. Didn’t know about the tag list, the significance of blinking sync, or the usefulness in using load settings vs having to navigate through folders constantly for the same set. Looking forward to the next parts for sure 🙂

Awesome, happy to hear that! Definitely the goal of the whole course to have a lot for both beginners and experienced people, so I’m glad it’s working out! 🙏

Decided to stick around since I got a couple booking and will be using cdjs for the first time in December. Pretty nervous about it but this helps! Thanks!

I just have a question because you say to use sync but ive heard alot of people talk bad about it because “its cheating” or whatever but how would you say the majority of DJs feel about sync or does it matter?

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