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3 replies on “Preparing Your Library”

Hi Infekt thanks for this lesson. I’m curious where you download your music from? Is it from a DJ Record Pool, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or a mix? I’m curious if there’s a better route than having to purchase every track individually – I know there’s record pools out there but I’m not aware of one specifically for Dubstep. Personally, I’m tired of downloading all my tracks via Soundcloud download gates and having to follow multiple people on socials to even get the track. I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

I usually go individually, Bandcamp or Beatport. Just kind of slowly building my library bit by bit. I haven’t really heard of DJ pools, other than promo emails from labels I’ve released with. I know with Soundcloud gates it can be tedious if you’re trying to get a big library together, but unfortunately for those tracks specifically there isn’t really another way to get them. At least on bandcamp and beatport you can make a cart and buy everything at once 😄

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