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The monthly exercises are designed to help you become a better producer by improving your skills through practice and a little light-hearted competition.

Exercise of the Month

There is no exercise this month, as the exercise program is currently on hold. Keep an eye out for an update post about this on Patreon soon.


Results can be shared on the Veggie Gang Discord server in the #exercises channel. (you should be added to the server automatically if you link your Discord account with Patreon). Please do not post external links there, only mp3 or wav files.


Each month, the community will pick a winner through Discord reactions, whose results will be featured on the website. The winner gets a free month of masterclass access, and gets to share a few words about how they went about the exercise, what their experience was, and give some advice or tips they might have come across.

Previous Exercises

Secret Alias: Make a track as if it was ghost produced for someone else

Revival: Make a new version of a track of yours that you consider outdated

Bass Exploration: Make a bass sound with a synthesizer you’ve never tried before

Efficiency is Key: Create a rack / patcher preset that simplifies a process you repeat frequently