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4 replies on “Shows”

We’re not at the level to get onto an agency yet, but out of curiosity; is this something that you reach out too/apply for yourself, or something that you will be approached about as you grow bigger?

I think that depends on your needs. If you get to a point where you really need help with your bookings, it can make sense to reach out to them. If you don’t necessarily need it, then I would wait and see if someone approaches you, maybe a great opportunity will come up

this one helps me a lot! i recently took the next step to be a dj, play with CDJ, it wasnt too difficult to me, after all i already practiced a lot with a DDJ400 that i had in the past, and with this i know that the moment of me playing at some raves in my country was near, i was curious about that part of “u should never have to pay to play” i hang out with some local djs and they told me that sometimes they have to pay to play in some dumb “shows” that request u to pay if u wanna play in something that no one is going to see u play lmao🤡🤡, now after reading this im totally shure that i will not going to that type of shows, ty for make my sight more clear🙌🙌

Glad it helped!! Yeah I think it’ll only make it harder to actually get out of that loop. Like why would one promoter pay you, if another one is actually getting money when you’re playing 😆

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