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4 replies on “Mastering Technique”

I’m wondering, on your master channel, do you ever add any sort of EQ that cuts out frequencies below around 27-30 hz? I’ve heard that below those frequencies can cause unpleasant rumbling on big systems. I’m wondering if so, is there a specific mode and steepness of curve you use on Pro-Q3? Or is that not a big deal?

I think in electronic music where you have make your sounds with synthesizers, there isn’t going to be that much in those low frequencies anyways, unless you have some pitching going on with your sub or if you play it on an extremely low note. So In those cases it would probably make sense to low-cut it just because those extremely low frequencies would otherwise take a lot of space in your mix/master and you might get distortion from those frequencies. Other than that I don’t really do it, personally!

Hey man, Ive seen a technique where you take a very thin eq band raised to the max to find very harsh or irritating tones that add nothing to the track, and then lowering that thin band once youve found a problem area. What do you think? thanks

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