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28 replies on “Sidechaining”

I have a question it may be silly but would you put your subs in the same group as your bass so it all gets sidechained together? Or would you make a separate group for the sub bass and have another proxy?

Yess I usually do put them both in a group to get sidechained together because I often make a bass sound and decide to keep the sub bass that already comes with it instead of making a separate one. Since shaperbox has the feature of the frequency separation, I can then still make different curves for lower and higher frequencies. If you do want to keep them separate, you can use another proxy like you said, it just comes down to personal preference and your own workflow 🙂

Hi…Question (Able stock compressor), when I add the Lows EQ3 on the compressor, it completely gets rid of the majority of the bass sound…I thought it should only duck the lows without affecting the highs?

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Lows EQ3 on the compressor”, could you explain a bit more in detail how you have it set up? Maybe some screenshots would be helpful too if possible, you can upload them on dropbox or imgur

Hey INF, IM super impressed by the gate sidechaining method you showed, Its really impressive, Could you let me know what the Drawback of it is though ie why do you choose Shaper box over The gate sidechaining method you showed?

Shaperbox just gives you much more control because you can manually draw in a precise curve for the ducking, rather than having to dial in “attack” and “release” settings on a gate/compressor.

I’ve also been trying out the new “Kickstart 2” by cableguys, which is really affordable and works well. I might start recommending that over Shaperbox!

Kickstart 2 is so cheap and looks like a great and simple shaperbox alternative. Boutta buy it since I haven’t gotten shaperbox due to the price. Thanks for showing it!

I am trying about kickstart 2 but whenever i solo something in my bass group no sounds comes out? could this be an issue the way kickstart is sidechained? this wouldnt happen with shaperbox

That’s strange! What happens if you solo the group itself as well? Sometimes it happens for me that I have to solo the group as well, but I haven’t figured out what causes that. It could be the routing with the audio channel

I’m running into the same thing. The way I’ve been getting around it is I have to solo both the Sidechain Channel plus the Bass Channel in order to here the Bass solo’ed. I believe it has to do with the ‘sends only’ routing but I could be mistaken. Wondering if there’s an easier fix?

Hmm yeah I think you’re right, it must be the “sends only” routing. I now use “Kickstart 2” from cableguys, which avoids having to use sends and simplifies the setup a bit. There’s a video about it here in this class as well. It’s a pretty cheap plugin, so might be worth the investment if you use solo often.

hello, do u know if its easy to use kickstarter 2 in fl studio aswell ? i allready have shaperbox but i would like to buy kickstarter 2 if it has a better/simpler workflow

So. After some time has passed. What is your favorite now between Kickstart and shaperbox. I know shaperbox has more options but the simplicity of Kickstart is unreal

Sorry for the late reply—up until recently I would have said kickstart, but the new Shaperbox 3 update has audio triggers now, so it’s actually pretty great and a bit more versatile for what you can do with it. In my own default project I still have Kickstart, but I might go back to Shaperbox soon

i was wondering if youve ever experienced any clicking noises being introduced by kickstart2?

i have a simple sub-bass sin wave in quarter notes routed up to to cable guys as you show in the video. no effects or processing added. every time the kick triggers the ducking from kickstart, there is a little click introduced. the only remedy I can find is to just turn the kickstart mix% down, but i have to turn it down so much that you lose the most of the sidechaining effect. ive tried messing around with the kickstart frequencies, shapes, etc, but it just doesnt seem to go away without really turning down the mix.

just wondering if you have any ideas on how to fix this, or maybe its just a limitation of kickstart. thanks!

Yes this is definitely a common issue, it happens because the volume goes from 100% to 0 instantly. In the settings menu, there’s an option for “anti-click” smoothing, so you can try that out! That usually fixes the issue enough that the clicking becomes inaudible in the context of the track, when the kick and the other elements are playing

I actually use “DUCK” by Devious machine. It is extremely good. It’s pretty much the same as KickStart I imagine.

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