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6 replies on “Bass Sound Design”

Loving how clear and digestable these writings are. I can tell you have destilled it down to the most key ingredients. Thanks!

Awesome detailed breakdowns. I’m not sure if your going to add this in the future courses. But when I master my track, I seem to lack frequency in the 200hz. Do you layer your bass or add other elements to make the song sound fuller.
Thank you again.

Thank youu, definitely going over that! The sound design troubleshooting class will be pretty long, because I wanted to make sure to cover as much as possible for everyone. I appreciate the feedback 🙌🏻

I’m loving the course, this is an incredible experience, but I have a doubt that has been causing me a headache, I usually work with atonal sounds, more specific, glitchs sounds. sometimes I go through a very large processing and the low frequencies are practically lost or have no presence or are not strong when heard in speakers, and even trying to put gain or equalize, it is not so good, so there is a tip for when tonically speaking the sub can fit with an atonal sound ??

Thank you for the kind words! To answer the question – One thing you can do is to use multiband processing which we will get into very soon to only apply your effects processing to a certain portion of the sound. That way you can leave your sub frequencies in tact, so that they don’t get lost. The second thing you could try is to just cut away any low frequencies from your atonal bass and then layer it with a separate sub bass. Since your sound is atonal, you should essentially have the freedom to choose which note you want to have your sub on, so I would try out something between D# and F#. Let me know if that helps!!

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