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18 replies on “Effect Methods”

I think it will take some time for me to integrate parallel processing in my workflow but damn thats really worth it.
Being able to send out a dry/wet signal this way makes it so fast and comfortable. thanks christian

Definitely works yes! There’s also a disperser that comes with FL (probably uses more CPU though) that you can access by opening the Patcher, going to the presets for the Patcher and selecting the “Disperser” preset!

In a situation where I am using reverb on vocals/leads (there are no bass frequencies). Can you explain the difference between using parallel processing versus just using the dry wet knob on the reverb without parallel processing?

In that case there wouldn’t be a big difference. The only thing that would change is that the dry/wet sound makes the dry sound quieter as the wet sound gets louder, so you’ll just have to adjust for that if you don’t want your sound to actually get more quiet. But in the end, you’ll have effectively the same result

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