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13 replies on “Post Processing”

Good class!
My biggest problem is, once I do all those techniques and I have a true flow it is impossible for me to get a sub that accompanies it well to all that sequence, any advice? thanks!

Thank you! Try to first of all use a sound that already has sub on it and then use the stretch modes in a way that it maintains the sub as well as possible. If that’s not an option, then you’ll kind of have to try to do it by ear. One thing that really helps me with that is to use something like an 808 sample or a sub that is resampled to audio and then to try to align that with the mid-bass by cutting, stretching on “tones” mode and using the fades. If you did any pitch bending in the process of making the sound, you can apply that to the resampled sub too. Hope that helps!

Some granular synths are better at some things than others. The granulator II is definitely capable of making really good sounds, but I don’t like the interface so much. My favorite one right now is NI Form, and it’s on sale at the moment!

FL studio users also have Edison as a resampling tool, it’s pretty neat u can use it to continuously loop your sample and then scroll back and forth through it while recording that on a second Edison, perfect for whacky transitional stuff.. I myself am just scratching the surface; it’s def worth checkin out

already having crazy results with time stretching. i def didn’t understand how to do alot with rendered audio til now, thank you so much bro.

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