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10 replies on “Wavetable Synthesis”

Sometimes when I use the LFO to add ”flow” to the bass, sounds pretty long. Can the Envelope tool help to make the bass sounds more flowy and not so ”cube”?

I’m not sure what you mean by long, maybe if you try the rate control on the LFO and also the different modes like “trig” and “env”? The “env” button basically makes it so that the LFO only runs one time

I mean, like the bass dont have a ”tail”, its a cube constantly. Dont have the flow at the finish. When I edit the LFO that is linked in the volume knob, I like to make the final curve shorter because if I make it long, sounds very strongs and lose all the flow

Hmm, maybe you’re compressing it too much, so it kind of loses its shape? Maybe too aggressive on the OTT for example… Or do you have other ideas what might be the issue?

Been a Patreon for the past 9 months and I’m barely getting started lol. Love how informative this is! I have to take notes to learn and I love how you break it down with examples, definitions, drawings, and video!

Quick question – what is the “root note” set to when using Serum? Mine is in C4 but curious if anyone ever changes this, and if so, would it give a different sound output?

something i’ve wondered while sound designing, so when you have fab filter pro q pulled up and you boost the highs to bring back in the brightness, i see it’s redlining is this not problematic for the mix? or does the (distortion,level,gain) just create the character of the sound.

It changes the character of the sound for sure. If it’s redlining in the mixer meter it’s not a problem. The only place where it actually gets clipped is if your master meter is red lining (as I talk about in the “Gain Staging” class)

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