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8 replies on “Drums”

So, for the Transient part, What a Transient processor really does? And when we should use it?. I put a Transient Processor on my kick, because when it sounds alone with the sub, sounds a bit clicky and anoying, Am I using it right?

It can turn up or down the first little bit of the sound. So when you put it on a kick that is too clicky, you can turn down the attack in your transient processor and that will make it less clicky at the beginning of the sound, so yeah if it sounds better to you that way, you’re using it right!

“When it comes to layering, you just have to remember that the higher you go in the frequency spectrum, the more you can layer elements. That means that you would usually not really do any layering with your kicks unless you separate the frequencies of different kicks, but when it comes to claps or hihats (which are higher in the spectrum), you can layer multiple ones together with no issues.”

This point in particular is helpful!

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