Masterclass Introduction


  • Over 70 Classes in total—all available as soon as you join!
  • Over 70 categorized livestreams
  • New content added weekly
  • How to Make a Full Track from start to finish (Preparation, Efficiency, Sound Design, Flow, Drums, Mixdown, Arrangement, Variation, Mastering, Developing your style and more)
  • DJ Mixing (Equipment, Techniques, Set Building, Reading Crowds, Knowing your Place)
  • Generating Income
  • How to grow & promote yourself
  • Staying healthy & dealing with different aspects of life as an artist & DJ

Details & Extras

  • Production Livestreams every other week
  • Videos & Graphics for many classes
  • Free Sample Pack included
  • Answers to your questions on each class
  • Production techniques and tricks
  • Private Discord channel for questions & discussion
  • Ableton Live racks

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More Information

My Motivation

When I started producing 12 years ago there was one thing that I struggled with the most: Finding a place where I can learn what I need to learn specifically designed for the music I wanted to make. The gap is filled today to some extent by the countless sound design tutorials and sample packs, but I still haven’t found one complete package that goes much beyond that. This is my attempt to close the gap a little further and to make my knowledge accessible.

The Content

Some of the classes are going to be technical and straight forward about specific software and tools, some rather philosophical. I want to teach you how to make the music that you love, but also how to deal with situations you might face on your way, how to sustain yourself by turning your passion into a career and how to stay sane through it all.

Who is it for?

This class is definitely not only for beginners, it’s meant for anyone who has their foot in the music scene and wants to expand their knowledge on production itself, playing shows, staying motivated, day-to-day life, marketing and so on. The journey that music has put me on has been absolutely incredible and I’m writing this to inspire you to go on your own journey or to keep it going, especially in the inevitable moments when it’s difficult.

The Goal

All of the production classes will be based on personal experience and my way of doing things, so while I will always try to make everything easy to apply to your own workflow, take these classes as suggestions, not as definite rules. There are no rules to music production as long as you’re having fun and the outcome sounds good to you and that’s the ultimate goal of these classes: Getting better at making something that you like and being able to enjoy the process.


I also don’t want this to be specific to any one DAW and I don’t want to make you feel like you need to spend a lot of money. If I name a tool that I use, it’s because I think it’s worth your money, but if you have one of the major modern DAWs, you already have most of the necessary tools on hand that you will ever need to express yourself. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live combined with Reason 12, but I want to make most these techniques easy to apply to other software, so don’t worry about that.


I started producing not because I wanted to be the biggest, most famous or rich producer. If I wanted to be famous I wouldn’t have chosen such an unpopular sub-genre of a semi popular genre. It was because I had a passion, a love for a genre that I couldn’t get enough of. In a way that genre gave me an identity, something that would allow me to express how I feel different. I was very young back then, but the genre undeniably made me feel something that’s hard to describe with words. 9 years later and although a lot of things in my life have changed, I still have this passion for the same genre that got me into all of this. If you’re reading this, chances are you have the same kind of passion and I think that’s a good reason for me to help you create more of the music we love.

Much love & eat your veggies,
Christian / INFEKT

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