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6 replies on “Developing Your Style”

What inspired you to produce dubstep and what inspired Infekt? That can probably turn into a loaded question but I’m curious to hear who’s out there that inspires you currently and who inspired you early on to get into writing dubstep.

I have a whole post about that (, but in short:

Early on for a long time I was inspired by everything that was made by the “Monsters” crew, like Subfiltronik, Akirah, AD, Styn, Obey etc! Today I’m very inspired by a lot of the modern Dubstep producers like Akeos, Syzy, Marauda, Aweminus etc, as well as some Deep Dubstep artists like Commodo, Glume, Phossa, Pharma, Ourman, and more! It’s kind of a mix between the oldschool sound and the modern techniques and influences

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