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22 replies on “Audio Equipment”

I got Audio Technica ATH-M30x and after hour or two they starting to feel so uncomfortable because of my glasses press on the head. In case of this problem, which headphones would be better?

Hmm, I often have that when I get new headphones, but I kind of just get used to it after a while. If the pain is too much or keeps coming back, maybe you could try to find softer replacement pads for your headphones? If the clamping force of the headphone itself is too strong, then maybe you can go to a nearby music or electronics store and try out some of the ones they have to find out if there are any that are more comfortable for you

Further on from the dt770 recommendation I’d even go as far to say to get the dt990 open-back headphones! They’re also a pretty balanced sounding pair of headphones and since they’re open-back you won’t get any comb filtering while listening back to your mix or sound design sessions, thereby giving a clear representation of what you’re doing to the sound/mix. Although a word of warning comes with the fact its a 250ohm pair of headphones so you’ll need to give a pretty strong signal to get a decent level on them (they’re still my favourite pair in terms of milage and im using them to this day).

Thanks for the suggestion! I think the 990s are a great option for a very specific type of person, but for the majority the 770s are probably a better pick. I say that because I think in order to get the most out of the 990s you need an amp that can drive them like you said, then you also need a very silent room due to the fact that they’re open back and every noise around you can just come in. Lastly I think it’s difficult to get used to mixing on them especially when it comes to dubstep because from my testing, the bass was not as present as it is on closed back, which makes them a lot less “fun” for anyone else than a professional who is looking for a surgically clean sound. I haven’t had enough time with them to say this with confidence though, I know a lot of people do like them and in the end it’s a matter of preference!

Seconded. My K240s are super open and I hear way more around me than is probably kosher, though I specifically appreciate it cause it lets me hear anyone who’s tryna get my attention. And it looks like K240s are supported, so def gonna grab that software when I’ve got the cash, thanks for the recommendation!

I have the DT 990 80 Ohms that i’ve used for the past year or so. I do like them but was very confused at first when I hooked them up to my pc and the audio was extremely quiet. I ended up getting the M-Audio Air interface which for the price point ive enjoyed very much aside from having some crackling with the sample rate issue at first. Once fine tuned it was better. I recently purchased a 2022 16″ Macbook Pro and it powers my 990s just fine. However bass lacking is one of those things that for me personally makes finding a sweet spot for my sub difficult. Its usually very overpowered in the car and in other headphones. I think I’m going to order the 770s when I get paid tomorrow and give them a shot

To be honest I think the Sonarworks software is pretty unique in what it does and I know that it’s made by people who know what they’re doing (I’m not sponsored, I just genuinely like it). Other than that there are a lot of Equalizers for windows/mac that can change the sound of your headphones, so you could reduce the bass a bit for example if you have a particularly bass heavy pair, but it’s not the most accurate way to go about it. If you decide to go that route I would say listen to a bunch of tracks that you know are well produced and adjust the EQ so that all of those tracks sound good and well balanced to your ears. That way you will make decisions while producing that aim toward a sound that you like, that will be similar to your reference tracks.

Glad to see DAC is just as viable. I currently am sporting a Schiit Fulla 2 and a pair of DT880 Pros. No fancy set up required, although I would like to have a more extensive studio in the future

Good read. I downloaded the 21 day trial for the headphone reference software which was a huge mistake because now in 21 days I’m going to be wondering why my headphones sound terrible.

Ahh hahaha! Which headphones do you use? I found that for consumer headphones it’s quite important, whereas for studio headphones you can get away without it. I’ve had some issues with the old version of their software, so I decided to go without it on my Beyerdynamics DT770 a few months ago and it’s actually fine.

hey! i’ve just signed up to the masterclass tier, i tap the unlock with patreon, i get logged in but i can’t access the content. am i doing something wrong?

Hey thank you for joining!! Sometimes it takes Patreon a few hours to assign the tier properly, could you try again in a little bit? If that doesn’t help, try clicking the “Refresh” button on the website (don’t refresh on your browser, but click on the link). Otherwise send me a message on Patreon and we’ll figure it out!

I have a pair of Astro A50’s!! Only problem is, I can’t seem to figure out how to run them in the audio bus in Cubase. There’s no audio cable attached to it. It’s connected to a dock and you plug the USB connected to the dock to your computer. I’ll have to more research to figure out if they can run in the DAW, but in the meantime, I have a pretty excellent and well-rounded gaming laptop with some quality speakers, so I’m gonna produce through that! I think it’s kinda cool because I can potentially hear how music is going to sound through the base speakers and can gauge how it’ll sound on someone else’s, no?

Apologies for the delay, have you figured this out by now? I think producing on laptop speakers makes it difficult to judge the track because you’re basically just not hearing half of the frequency spectrum. I’d definitely try to get the headphones to work!

ive got audio technica ath-m50xwh, are the ear peices bigger on the ones you suggested, these hurt my ears after not very long i’ve been noticing.

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