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This month marks my 10-year anniversary of music production—technically the name INFEKT came a little later, but that doesn’t really look as cool in the title. It warms my heart to think about what music has done for me in my life. How an inner urge to express myself through music when I was just 14 has led me on this path that made me who I am today. What is it that kept me going for this long? There’s something about making music that feels very liberating. When I’m making music I don’t think about the past or the future. I don’t think about what I have to do or what I should be doing. I just do exactly what I love doing. Nobody can tell me what kind of music I have to make because that would be the opposite of what making music means to me. Self-expression.

That being said, none of this would have been possible without the support of all of you, every single person who has enjoyed my music in some way has contributed to me being able to keep going. What your support has been giving me is time, courage and motivation to stay on this path, to keep improving and learning new ways to express myself. One of the beauties of music production as with many other things is that you can never know everything. There’s always more to learn, more to explore. And that’s also why it never gets boring.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me, first of all the incredible shows, but also all the things that are less obvious. I most likely wouldn’t have met my amazing wife without music, wouldn’t have met these people all over the world that I now call friends. Sometimes as life passes by we tend to take things for granted, but taking a step back now to look at everything that has happened makes me feel truly blessed to be in this position.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my dad for introducing me to the world of technology, to my mom for trusting me to play shows when I was young, to Tobi (TJ) for booking me for my first show, to the Monsters crew for taking me on as a member, to all the DJs who play my music, to the promoters that have booked me for their shows and to all the people who attended my shows. Thank you to Dave (Dubloadz) for showing my music to Disciple, to Rossy and Danny from Disciple for taking care of me as my managers and to Leo for being a great agent. Thank you also to Andy for being the best wifey I could ever ask for, my daily inspiration to keep following my dreams and keep a positive outlook. Thank you to John (12th Planet) for taking me on his bus tour, to Tommy (Mvrda), Cooper (Oolacile) and Samy (Samplifire) for being the best tour buddies, to Adam (F3tch) for organizing my first tour to Australia, to the whole Disciple crew for being so motivating to work with, to every single person supporting me on my Patreon, especially during these times and of course to everyone, yes, every single person who has been showing even the tiniest amount of support. It means a lot to me. I know I have left out many people and I cannot possibly list every person I’m thankful for because the list would never end, but just know that I appreciate all of you.

Much love,
Christian / INFEKT


Here’s a little gallery of some highlights from the last few years, followed by a gallery of fan pictures you guys have sent me! If you have more, feel free to drop a link to imgur or dropbox in the comment form below and I will add them.

8 replies on “10 Years of INFEKT”

Glad to have been a part of your journey for the past 6 years already, on to the next 10 years!! Much love

Thank you for inspiring me to create music and being the first person to play something I made live to dozens of people, it really means a lot! 🙂

It’s been great to see your sound evolve over the years and I will always be a big fan, keep it up! <3

Playing alongside you in 2016 & 17 still something really important in my mind. I remember that talk we had about how the most minimalist music can contain all the complexity of emotions. That was good to feel understood.

I hope to have the chance to share the stage with you again.

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